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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting songs ready to mix...

It's Wednesday! Well...It's MY Wednesday still, since I've not gone to bed yet.

Last night (Tuesday night) was my last night off until this album is done I believe.

So tonight, we've been tying up some loose ends for some songs that are almost ready. This means tracking whatever is left to be tracked, re-doing a take here and there, and basically just getting it ready for the final step.

What're the songs I'm talking about? "Green", "Cleanser", "Just...Again", and "Stand Up, Step Back". Hopefully by tonight it'll be at least three tracks done and ready to mix.

I'll see you guys tomorrow. Until then, I'll leave everyone with the links to two crappy-quality live videos of me playing an open mic about 8 months ago:

Apparitions (A Matthew Good Cover)
Home Again (A new, unreleased song that'll be on my next CD, not Rough Stuff)

Peace and Love,