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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday, Winding Down!

Tonight's agenda, tracking more loose-ends.

Last night was good. I finished the vocals for "With A Capital 'T'", which took forEVER. I can honestly say that I spent 6 hours on this one song. Something just wasn't right with my voice, but I had to push through it. This thing has to be released by the 23rd, after all!

So an interesting part of my night, however:

It got to be around 6:30 AM once I was done all my vocal takes. I decided to check my e-mail before going to bed, but the browser I was using started to act strangely. I decided to restart my computer after saving everything. What happened next was one of the worst experiences of my life. When my computer restarted, it made me log in, which was odd. Then, the backgrounds were what they had been weeks ago. Beginning to worry, I immediately tried to open my music files. A little window then pops up and says "Selected driver not found", and as I click OK, another window pops up and says "Core Audio Not Found" and "Cannot Open File". I was so terrified that all my files had been lost since none were working, so much so that while I restarted my computer in a giant panic, I had to go outside because I felt so incredibly naseous.

Never before have I felt physically sick over bad news. Until now.

Luckily, after restarting, everything worked as it normally does. The files are there and everything has been backed up. What scared me is that I had not backed up my files in 2 weeks, and in the past two weeks, I have accomplished more than 1/3 of this album, including the violin tracks.

So it has a happy ending! Lesson learned, too. I'll be backing up my files every day now.

Until tomorrow night, much love,