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Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday...And Important News.

NOTE: I've decided to push the album release back until the Tuesday after the 16th. The reasons for this are pretty simple: this mixing is gonna take quite a while, and I still have yet to finish the back of the CD cover.

This means the album Rough Stuff will now be released on June 23rd.
(Which subsequently is my half-birthday!)

Songs on the List Tonight:

-With A Capital 'T'
-Lullaby for Trouble (Reprise)

The first day in a long time where I really don't feel up to recording. It's something I want to do, but it's not something my body wants me to. I'm a little tired if you catch my drift.

Tonight we'll be trying vocal takes for maybe the fifth night in a row. For some reason my voice hasn't been too great (I have pretty bad allergies these days), but we keep trying. This among other things, like backup guitar and piano tracks. Last night went semi-well, but sometimes it's just way too hot in this room to continue recording. Those are the times when I take a 15 minute break and go stand outside with a glass of water. It's so calming at that hour...

So again, Rough Stuff will be released on June 23rd.

Much love,