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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday...A Week Away. Or so.

Songs on the List Tonight:

-With A Capital 'T'
-Lullaby for Trouble

So tonight, we've got some vocals on the table, but first we'll be fixing some old takes, making them better than ever. The usual.

I have some bad news though, it looks like every time I've exported a song into iTunes, it's coming out way quieter than it sounds in GarageBand. This is troubling because I found that many people have had the same problem, but the only way to fix it is to go through every instrument track of every single song, and make sure it doesn't clip at the level it is mixed. If it does clip at certain points, I have to manually fix it with the track's manual volume levels. That is a process that will literally take over 24 hours to complete for the whole album.

This means that I might not make it by June 16th, the date originally set for the album to come out. I do know for sure, however, that the CD will be done by June 20th, no matter what. The album will be available as a free download on this page as a .zip file, but hard copies of the CD will also be available. The hard copies, however, will not be released until June 20th (at the earliest), and they will be priced at $10 per CD. Autographed copies will also be available for the same price, provided you also give me proof that you have donated $5 or more to a charity in recent history.

Good news is that I have worked out a violinist to help me with recording the strings in a few of the songs, and I'm definitely pretty pumped about that.

More to come tomorrow night!

Much love,