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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mixing AND Mastering! July 21st Update...

Hey all!

So just an update for now: I am currently working on exporting the tracks in each song so that I may give them to J. Franco for a mixing and mastering of the entire album! Exciting stuff! This way it'll likely be radio quality when it's done.

So in the next 72 hours I'll be handing over the tracks, and over the next month and a half or so, I'll be working with Mr. Franco on mixing the tracks.

When I have more news on how it's going, you can bet that it'll be posted here first!

Much Love,

A SIDE NOTE: I have started a band with fellow musicians Adam Nanji and Andrea Lo! We are called The Belle Game! I am the drummer and one of the three vocalists in the band, and I'm SO pumped about it. We'll be heading into the studio to work with John Franco in the next two weeks, so watch for our upcoming EP as well!

For now, take a listen to one of our demos: