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Friday, August 14, 2009

AUGUST 14TH UPDATE...Single Info and Stuff!

So nothing has really changed since the last update. However, I thought I'd let you guys know the first single for the upcoming CD.

It likely won't be out for a few months now, but the single will be Stationary, the third song on the tracklisting for the actual album. I also wanted to write an entry to answer some of the questions I've been asked lately. The timeline for this album will be sort of like this: The single will be released around a month and a half before the actual album is released. When it's released on iTunes, the single for Stationary will be accompanied by one or two other tracks that won't actually be on the full album. It'll be sort of like a mini EP.

I should also let you know that since the CD will be of way higher quality than before, I think it might be appropriate to change the name. I'll keep you posted, but for now, I'll say that the title will likely no longer be Rough Stuff. Why? Here's the story:

Way, way back when I released my first EP, the Alex Andrew EP, I had written about 20 songs. The EP had 5 of them, but I wanted to release more. However, I really wanted exposure as soon as possible. So my original plan was to record 10 really, really rough versions of those other songs and release them as Rough Stuff so that people would be able to hear them and pick their favourites, and I would develop those more and re-record them. By the time 2 months had passed since the release of the Alex Andrew EP, I had already made a CD cover, but I hadn't picked the songs. It really never evolved though. I kept writing songs instead of recording the ones that I had already written. Eventually I gave up. I realized that I didn't want to release something that I wasn't proud of.

A year passed, I got a new computer, and I began recording with GarageBand. I got the hang of it, recording the entire album the best I could. Now here we are, and I'm getting it mixed and mastered professionally. So the reason for changing it is exactly that. It just isn't Rough Stuff anymore. One thing I've learned from being an artist over the past few years is that if you're not true to who you are and what you create, no one will appreciate what you do for the right reasons and you'll just end up making yourself miserable. So a change is needed!

I'll write another entry with some more info on the album soon!

Peace and Love,