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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OCTOBER 20TH UPDATE...Stationary Single Outline!

Alright, party people.

I'm thinking I should start updating more often, so I've decided that I'm gonna let you all in on what the Stationary single is gonna look like track-wise when it comes out.

As I said before, it's gonna be more of a mini EP than just a single, so when it is available, this is what you'll see:

1) Stationary
2) Stationary (Stripped Version)
3) A February Sunday (Non-Album Track)

Basically there will be the single version, the stripped version (which is almost the exact same except for the fact that there will be less instruments and it will have a more acoustic feel), and then one of my more popular songs from a long time ago called "A February Sunday", which will have been remastered by John Franco.

Hopefully this will be ready soon. Stay classy, you beautiful people!

Much love,

PS - Here's a little secret: The Belle Game's Inventing Letters EP will be up and available for your listening pleasure by November 1st! EXCITING!!! I'll let you know more next week!